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Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Digital BP Heart Rate Machine Model ZK-B876

Home Blood Pressure Monitor: This upper arm blood pressure monitor with large LCD display is designed for home use. Convenient to track your health every day. One-Button Operation: You just need to wear the cuff to upper arm and simply press the central button, then the measurement process will be automatic completed. Accurate Measurement: Selection of high-quality chips, the use of dual filtering algorithm to comprehensively improve the measurement accuracy. Heart Rate Detector: In the measurement of blood pressure, the heart rate is also tested at the same time. One machine for multiple use. Measurement Memory for 2 Users: Supports dual users and 99 memory of each user, automatic storage of measurement results, help you to remember the daily blood pressure value. Voltage & Power Detection: If voltage or power is too low, the BP monitor will automatic prompt. Power storage will affect the normal use.
Cuff Size: 22-42 cm Memory: 198 sets of memory for 2 users Pressure Accuracy: +/-3mmHg Pressure Range: 20mmHg to 260mmHg Pulse: 40-200 times/min Pulse Accuracy: +/-3% Power Supply: 4 * AAA Batteries(not included) Operation Temperature: 10 celsius  to 40 celsius  Operation Humidity: 40%-85% Storage Temperature: -20 celsius  to 50 celsius  Storage Humidity: 15%-90% Item Size: 11.5 * 9.1 * 6.3cm/ 4.5 * 3.8 * 2.3in