Dr.Christopher"s Original Formulas Infection Formula 100 Veggie Caps Exp.12/2025

About  This Item
Give your body the boost it needs to be healthier by adding Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas Infection Formula Capsules to your daily diet. This product is specially formulated with a synergistic blend of herbs that work to maintain the normal functioning of the lymphatic system. Whenever we eat, the body digests food and sends its nutrients to every living cell. The waste that eventually builds up in the lymphatic vessels can cause blockage and impair the body's ability to fight infections. Dr. Christopher's infection formula is the product of studies showing that it can be helpful to promote overall health. This bottle contains 100 pieces of vegetarian capsules. Each one contains 440mg and adults are to take two capsules per day. Dr. Christopher's Original Formula Infection Formula capsules contain black walnut leaf, goldenseal root, bugleweed herb and more.

Item Form Capsule
Brand Unknown
Ingredients Plant-derived capsule. No added fillers or chemicals
Allergen Information Gluten Free