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Five-Flower Formula Dropper 1 oz

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Five-Flower Formula Dropper 1 oz. Liquid Positive qualities: Calmness and stability in any emergency or time of stress Patterns of imbalance: Panic, disorientation, loss of consciousness, acute trauma or pain This formula may be used in any kind of emergency, trauma, or circumstances when one needs immediate help, before and after moments of difficulty, for accidents and upsets. It has a calming influence, helping to restore peace and emotional balance. It is especially effective with children. It is also good for plants and animals, with the addition of other single essences as appropriated. Bach's Natural Stress Relief Remedy Made with Organic Ingredients Certified Biodynamic Prepared According to the Original Methods of Dr. Bach Suggested Use As a dietary supplement Four drops in mouth, repeat as needed. - Or as directed by your healthcare professional. Other Ingredients: Brandy, water, infusions (1:6000) of cherry plum (prunes cerasifera), clematis (c. vitalba), impatiens (l. glandulifera), rock rose (helianthemum nummularium), and star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum) flowers.